Tourist Attitude - Chief Crayola's Backpacker

People throughout history have pursued one common goal: to be happy.  Today, all of us—whatever our age, religion, gender, or cultural identity—are searching for the path to contentment.  We’re prisoners of routine, trapped in the monotony of daily life, limited by self-imposed restrictions. But we don’t have to be.

 Tourist Attitude helps you to train your mind to permanent vacation mode, whether you’re sitting in a meeting or floating along a river.  Adopting TA will free your ability to experience moments as they come, to appreciate the fact that something is happening, to pursue perpetual happiness.

Tourist Attitude belongs to all people. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t need to be on vacation or in a new city to embrace this state of mind. You just have to feel it.

We invite you to see your world again for the first time.  By suggesting challenges and methods that will stimulate new experiences, Tourist Attitude aims to connect people to the other people and places around them.  It’s about changing the world, one breakthrough at a time.