Keys to Tourist Attitude

Tourist Attitude has been created with one purpose: to empower people to pursue their happiness.

TA is based on enjoying the present moment.  Author Seth Godin talks about “the lizard brain,” the part of our consciousness that promotes self doubt and self sabotage.  TA helps to hush the noise in our heads that distracts us from the here and now.

The TA team is inspired by the role social media and technology have played in spreading ideas and movements designed to change the world.

TA is about making stories in your daily life.  Sharing anecdotes and personal experiences, as well as suggesting and accepting challenges, are among the ways we’re encouraging people to tell their story.

The core principles of TA are generosity, honesty, love, optimism, respect and, most importantly, freedom.

We invite you to see the world with a Tourist Attitude.  Life is one helluva trip, so join us on this adventure!