Ditching School to Whistle

TOURIST: Mario Chamorro

Whistling has always been a sound of pure joy for my dad. In fact, when I was a kid, he used to tell me that if I was able to whistle every day while I walked to work, my life would be much happier. Few weeks ago in Atlanta I had the opportunity to meet an awesome new tourist named: Ien Chi. He not only helped me with my happiness initiatives without even knowing me, but also surprised me and my team with his fantastic attitude towards life. In order to follow his passion, Ien dropped school for one year and challenged himself to enter an international whistling competition and make a short documentary film about it. (See below)

Ien is clearly a full-time tourist that reminded me not only to keep dreaming, but acting upon our dreams as well.

Tourist Tip: try unconventional paths to follow your passion, but most importantly, take actions like Ien did!

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