1st Challenge – Visit a unknown beautiful place in the city

TOURIST: Mario Chamorro

Lara Crawshaw and Stephanie Felix came up with the fist challenge for the #10deedsbefore32 initiative. Their idea was to visit a beautiful place in the city that I haven’t being before. After a little brainstorm with Lara, we decided to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

For those who live in NYC and haven’t visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, I really encourage you to go! It’s very easy to get there by public transportation, and the main entrance is just $5 if you have a student ID.

Also, after seeing so many names of plants, roses and benches, we decided to name an awesome “unknown” cactus: Maya Tulia from Mauritius (which was Lara’s second challenge of the day.) Finally, we had a blast with this dragonfly who posed for us for a long time, saw a fantastic fish jumping at the lake, and took a delicious nap at the grass. Definitely a good day.

Challenge accomplished!

TOURIST TIP: find the nearest botanical garden and simply go there!

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