So, what is Tourist Attitude?

Close your eyes and, in your mind, revisit the last place you went on vacation.  Stay there for a few seconds. Smell the smells, breathe the air, feel the ground.

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did your daily life look like on vacation?
  • How did you feel while you were there?
  • How did it feel coming home?

Maybe some brief flashbacks of feelings such as: openness, curiosity, freedom, happiness, and excitement have crossed your mind? Well, this is precisely what TA is about. We believe that TA is a state of mind that can be used anytime, and anywhere.

Tourist Attitude is a movement designed to make people happy by perpetuating the feeling of being on vacation.  It’s about embracing new experiences and liberating ourselves from the monotony of routine.

To help you adopt a Tourist Attitude, this site suggests a series of social experiments and challenges that will focus your eyes anew on the world around you.  We’ll challenge you to talk to strangers on the street, participate in group events, interview your neighbors, or maybe just find the best cup of coffee in your town.  Our goal is for you to engage your world, and maybe share your stories with the rest of us.

Experience leads to happiness leads to breakthroughs.  And when we’re all in pursuit of a breakthrough, our power to change the world becomes stronger.  As the poets have said, we’re heading for the light.  We hope you’ll come with us.