2nd Challenge – Sing a Song on the Subway

TOURIST: Mario Chamorro

This time the challenge was proposed by: Catalina Jimenez, Gregorio Uribe, and Lulu Angulo.

#10Deedsbefore32 - Singing on the Subway

I have to confess that at the beginning I was a bit skeptic about going through this challenge, but at the end I decided to use my One Minute of Courage, and immediately jumped into the Subway. It was definitely a great experience, and I really hope to do it again with a little bit more preparation. I took the Subway 3 different times, and in only one I had good reception from the “audience.” Perseverance and no ego are key factors to do this!

Although my voice wasn’t the best, the challenge was successfully accomplished and can be watched on bellow’s video.

Special thanks to Camila GutiƩrrez for helping with the video.

TOURIST TIP: learn a song, take public transportation and kindly sing or play one of your favorite songs.

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