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19 Mar

TOURIST: Mario Chamorro

A few months ago my friend Dan Paluska and I were kindly invited by Manon Slome to be part of her wonderful art project called: No Longer Empty. Little did I know about the challenge that I was going ahead of us, but decided to use my Tourist Attitude to embrace this experience as a new adventure, and immediately started working hard on creating a remarkable exhibit. As of today, we are still working on some final details, but we are in a good shape to launch our “Happy Room”. During the month of April we will be visiting several places in the Bronx to collect messages of happiness that will be used as part of the exhibit. Stay tuned! (for more information about this exhibit, you can click here.)

Tourist Tip: challenge yourself to create some art on a community project. Everybody has the potential to become an artist, everybody has the gift, and it’s time to share it with the world.

Don’t talk to strangers?

3 Mar

TOURIST: Mario Chamorro


The other morning while I was commuting to downtown, I saw a couple of cute girls that looked a bit disoriented. I approach them to offered my help and that’s how I ended up meeting my new friends: Nieneke and Leticia who where visiting NYC from the Netherlands. Before our conversation started I was a bit hesitating to approach them, but luckily I decided to use my Tourist Attitude to break the ice by introducing myself on a non very conventional way. At the end of the subway ride, we exchanged emails and a day later we hanged out for a long period of time. Actually, we discussed the possibility of traveling together to the Caribbean in the near future.

Tourist Tip: My mom used to tell me: “Please TALK to strangers!” because as an only child, that was a good way for me to don’t get bored, and thanks to that skill, I’ve been able to meet fantastic random people all around the world such as Nieneke and Leticia who definitely made my day.