10 Deeds before turning 32

Few weeks ago, I decided to run a little experiment by asking friends and strangers to give me 10 challenges to be accomplished in the 10 days leading up to birthday number 32. The response was surprising, as was the support during the entire dare. In 10 days, I finished 9 challenges, and finally today I was able to finish the last one by preparing a delicious meal for a friend.

During the 10 days of the experiment I learned to play chess, to cook, to recite my very first poem in English, to forgive, to give a talk in public in Mexico City, among others. I was also able to play a song in ukulele on the Subway in NYC, to help a friend in need, to see the pyramids in Teotihuacan, to go pear picking in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and to have lunch with a fantastic person in need living on the street. All those things in only 10 days!

My good friend Gregorio Uribe always tells me that we have to do things that scare us. By doing these challenges I realize once again that there is a humongous world of experiences and people in front of us waiting to be explored. Being out of the comfort zone was definitely a great experience that I want to continue doing it for a while. In fact, if you think in any cool challenge please email it to me at Mario@happypost.org

Finally, if you decide to take on this dare yourself, here’s a little guidance that will help you along your own journey.

1/. Establish a deadline to collect and execute your own challenges.
2/. Be accountable to a group of friends (could be your Facebook contacts)
3/. Document challenges with pictures, drawings or whatever is easy and fun for you.
4/. Encourage people to participate by giving you challenges or following you.
5/. Be fearless by using your Tourist Attitude!

I really encourage you to try this challenge. There is nothing to lose and a lot of things to see out there.

Happy daring!


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